xod Media

When it comes to web design and development, xod Media strive to go back to what people want; a web site that provides value while being easy to navigate without a lot of confusing bells and whistles. While you can have these features, xod Media like to serve clean, simple, web site design that don’t confuse your visitors.

Serving People, Not Their Money

In 2005, the founders of xod Media walked away from the world of large corporations that sacrificed quality over bottom-line results. 10 years later, xod Media continues to pride itself in offering one of the world’s best SEO and hosting services.

With decades of collective experience, xod Media has become proficient in creating and maintaining W3C compliant websites, MySQL databases, JavaScript, PHP as well as HTLM and CSS programming. What’s more, xod Media certifies that all our services comply with the needs of all web browsers and people with disabilities laws.

But our biggest claim to fame is how we track human eye patterns on websites. We know we only have between 3 and 4 seconds to draw attention to your key messaging. If a users doesn’t find what they are looking for after 4 seconds, they’ll leave your website. We use this research to help to place your key messaging exactly where it should be. Visit our eye-mapping page to learn more about this technique.

Combining our desire to explore new website development techniques with our commitment to understanding the basics ensures we are always prepared to serve your needs. Contact us to learn how xod Media can help you realize your company’s online potential.