We’ve already learned what a domain name is here. So we understand this is the name that shows up in our URL bar. This is what we call our website. And we’ve already gone over choosing the right name. Now we want to talk about the price of domains. T

The first thing you should know about the price of domains is that it has zero affect on the registration of a domain name. Regardless if you paid $1 or $100, once registered, your domain will correspond correctly to your appropriate IP address.

Sometimes you will see an ad for free domain names. There is nothing “free”. In order to receive your free domain name you will need to sign up for a web hosting bundle. What’s more, often times you won’t actually own the domain. The hosting company will purchase the domain themselves and allow you access to it as long as you continue to pay the hosting package. However, you should know that it is possible for you to purchase your own domain without a web hosting contract.

To purchase a domain name, your first step is to check availability. To find out if the desired name is still available you will enter the name into the appropriate text box and select the desired extension. They will then even have the opportunity to purchase the domain (if available) or try again. Often, these searches will provide you with alternatives if your first choice is not available.

Cheap domain names unfortunately come with some disadvantages – if the company is dishonest then the customer may never receive their requested domain name at all. The way these companies work is to tell the customer that there is an activation period for new domains, usually 2-6 days. Unfortunately after waiting a few days the domain is still not active, and it is no use emailing an unscrupulous company as they won’t do anything.

Check the Better Business Bureau to see if a cheap domain name company is registered. The Better Business Bureau makes sure that companies are operating legitimately. You can also check for physical evidence of the company such as an address and phone number. Finally, check the message boards that are dedicated to web masters, if you are still unsure. If you have found a legitimate and reputable cheap domain name company after all three checks, then you should take advantage of it.

The only time you would purchase a more expensive domain name is when somebody else manages the domain for you, especially if you have more than one domain and you need multiple domains all pointing to the same site, or multiple areas of your hosting. Typically it would be your web master, or web company. One note of caution, make sure you are denoted as the owner of the domain. Your web master will remain as the administrator and technical contact.

Finally, we have subdomains. These are names that are simply tacked onto the hosting company’s domain name. For example “www.test1.xodmedia.com” and “www.test2.xodmedia.com”, both test1 and test2 sites are subdomains of xodmedia.com. These are awkward because typing “www.test1.com” would not bring you to the correct site. Therefore, your users will likely have a difficult time remembering your entire URL. There is a time and place for subdomains, but if you are creating a single website for your product or service, xod Media recommends owning your own domain name. With the number of cheap domain companies it is easy to get one that is economical.

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