People who want to have a web site, blog etc. will need access to an online storage facility. This is your hosting service.

There are countless hosting services available that range in prices. You even have free hosting! This is only ideal for absolute beginners who are not looking to maintain a professional online presence. There are many limitations to free web hosting services such as the amount of storage space.

Another common hosting trend is a shared server. This means you share your space with other website owners. Again, this is only recommended for beginners. However, always make sure the company you sign up with is reliable. There are a lot of cheap shared server provided that are not credible. This can end up being very costly in the end. Mind you, all this is doesn’t mean anything if you haven’t registered a domain name that you can use in conjunction with the web hosting.

There are two major things you need to consider when you are decided on a web hosting package: email and bandwidth. Your web hosting provider should offer you your own email address exclusively associated with your website. This means you no longer have to use your gmail or yahoo accounts as your professional emails. This is crucial to maintain a strong, credible and professional online presence. Then you have bandwidth, which refers to how much data is being transferred over the internet. Often, this is something that many people overlook simply because they’re distracted by the low prices of hosting packages and don’t consider how quickly bandwidth is used up.

If you settle for a package with a minimum amount of bandwidth then there will be times when visitors will have trouble viewing your website or using its features. Of course this won’t matter if you only have a basic website but as soon as you start adding large images, audio tracks, video footage and other big files, your bandwidth will be used up very quickly. While it is possible to use your own home PC as a web host, this is not advised as the number of security issues involved will make it a risky proposition.

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