We cannot stress enough the importance of a good domain name. People will make a decision on which company to research, click and choose, based on their domain name. Try to make your domain catchy and relevant with a keyword. What’s more, the search engines also index your domain name so make it relevant to them too!

Start by researching SEO keywords that can be a part of your domain name (xod Media can do this for you). We would take a keyword that describes your site and input into one of our SEO tools. This tool analyzes the keyword and provides several related alternative keywords. When a domain keyword is very specific, it limits the chances that another website is using the same keyword. This increases your chance of being the top rated site when someone enters that specific keyword. Take “xod Media” for example. This is a fairly unique keyword and therefore, most searches containing “xod” will place one of https://xodmedia.com pages at the top of the search results. We’ve included “media” in our name and domain to create a link between “xod” and our industry.

Don’t be surprised if your first domain choice is taken. There are a lot of websites out there! But the good news i that most domain name companies will provide you with suggestions if yours isn’t available. Try entering in different keywords for different suggestions. Whatever you do though, always try to secure a .com domain. If you choose a domain with a common keyword that ends in .net you are likely going to lose traffic because people will automatically enter .com first. Try putting in filler words in your domain to keep you keyword and a .com suffix.

Adding the words ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’ is a great way around keyword suggestions. Search engines don’t pay much attention to these small words and therefore, will only focus on your keyword. So you can get your domain name indexed and still sound interesting. The same thing happens with numbers. Try adding a number at the end of your domain and check availability.

What if you don’t get a .com domain? With a very popular keyword, it does not matter if your extension is .com, .net, .org or something else. It is possible for you to use a national or state-wide extension. For example, if you are located in Melbourne, it is better to be number 1 on the Austrian Google result list than number 400+ on Canadian or American Google! When you find nothing helps get you the domain name you want, changing the extension always works.

The success of your domain name depends 90% on your keyword selection. The remaining 10% is based on your creativity!

xod Media is a web design and development company operating out of Markham, Ontario, serving the Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill and York region markets. Visit them at https://xodmedia.com.