I was chatting with one of my wife’s clients today when he mentioned he wanted to retire in the next 5 years, but he needed to continue earning income.

That’s where xod Media comes in. Converting John’s very lucrative service business into an online printing press for money.

So the big question is, How are we going to do this?
Well, there are so many avenues we can approach but I laid out the basics:
1.) Choose your niche. Now for John, he is a master of heating and air conditioners. If you have a problem, John’s your man.
2.) Build a web site. Even better, make sure your web site is optimized with rich keywords and written with clean code.
3.) Build the web pages. What search engines love is a web site that is rich in information and content. Guess who else loves this? People.

As it is, John will give free advice over the phone. These people might not give him money today, but they’ll be calling the next time there’s a problem. They’ll also pass John’s name around as a referral. And what is better than a referral? Nothing!

Adding rich, useful information onto your web site is your primary task. Add a new article every 3 or 4 weeks is quite simple and before you know it, you’ll have a website that the search engines and your customers love.

4.) Once you have a half decent structure of articles on your site you can start thinking about making money.

Here were some of xod Media’s ideas for making money:

  • Write an ebook and sell it.
  • Refer business to other trades people you trust and receive a referral fee.
  • Sell goods on your site.
  • Sell other people’s goods on your site, or get a referral fee for directing them to their sites.
  • Sell advertising on your pages.

5.) Now you have some means of generating income, we’ll need to advertise and spread the good word.

There are two ways to spread the news online. One that costs money and one that costs time.

You could advertise on the search engines, but this is very short term and doesn’t last past the money you put into your site. At the same time, if you’re making more than you’re advertising, this can be extremely lucrative.

The second option is a long term strategy and that’s writing articles, create blogs, exchanging links with other sites, etc.

This takes a long time however articles and free ebooks float around the internet for years.

So given the positives on both, I usually suggest a combination of both strategies that will continue for the life of the web site.

Remember, you can’t grow what you don’t pay attention to.

xod Media is a business marketing company operating out of Markham, Ontario, serving the Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill and York region markets.Visit them at https://xodmedia.com.