On June 16, 2015 Kagan Mustafa – President and CEO of xod Media, traveled to Nigeria for the marketing launch of VitaTree’s African presence. Over a week period, xod Media experienced Nigerian media when asked to give a public speech to different news outlets (both print and television).

Working with VitaTree

xod Media began working with VitaTree over 4 years ago. We helped build their North American presence by designing and building separate sites for the Canadian and American markets. This allowed xod Media and VitaTree to tailor the messaging for each country. We studied the nutritional supplements market and found different conversations and habits had been formed in Canada and the United States.

As VitaTree’s success began to grow, so did the need for an African market. Thus, Vitatree.ng was created.

Building the Backend

When VitaTree was brought to xod Media it was built on a generic platform. These platforms can be great depending on your needs. For VitaTree it became very obvious that they needed something more.

xod Media began conducting a comprehensive competitive research analysis. Through this research we were able to determine what sites worked and why they were successful. Armed this is information, xod Media set out to create a 100% custom website. We created a site that was unique and yet still had the same “feel” as other million dollar nutritional supplements sites. The key here is not to duplicate your competitors. What you want to do is create a subconscious link between the look of your site and the look of fortune 500 sites. This forms an immediate sense of trust between a visitor and your site. xod Media is able to do this successfully because of our extensive knowledge of human eye patterns. We understand how to create a “path” for our eyes to take that will mimic the most successful websites without having your site look like you bought their template.

Marketing Tactics

Videos are definitely the number 1 contributor to the marketing success of VitaTree. We cannot stress this enough. Having good quality, original videos has had a huge impact on their brand. Here are xod Media’s tips on how to have a great video:
1. Make sure it’s filmed in good quality. Nothing turns people away faster from a video than if it’s grainy, out of focus and you can’t hear the audio.
2. Talk about hot topics. Find out the current trends and get talking. But be sure to still relate these topics to your brand.
3. Be factual. Know what you’re talking about. Be the expert.
4. Always have a call to action. Even if your call to action to “like” your page. These call to actions provide you with quantifiable results to measure the success and reach of your video.
5. Share on all your platforms!

xod Media’s Supporting Role

While we would love to take credit for all of VitaTree’s success, that’s not what we’re about. xod Media is all about empowering our clients to help themselves. We make sure you have a strong backend and that everything is working seamlessly. We want you to focus on your organization and your ideas. We provide a great space online for you to showcase your ideas, products, services etc.