Things are always changing on the Internet. And that’s why we tell our clients they should learn about our Markham mobile first indexing services. Here’s a high-level overview to get you acquainted with this new change.

What Markham Mobile First Indexing Is

The mobile version of websites is set to become a lot more important when it comes to ranking. Google has announced that mobile first indexing puts a lot more weight on mobile.

It’s a ranking trend that’s taking hold but you don’t need to panic just yet. If you don’t have a mobile website now, your rankings will still include your other version.

Why Markham Mobile First Indexing Matters

There’s a big push towards mobile searches now. In fact, recent research even says that 42% of the total time spent on the Internet is through mobile devices. Here’s one of the problems you’ll have if you ignore these numbers.

Google might very well decide that other mobile friendly websites are more relevant for customer searches.

Here’s What Needs to Be Done

First off, there is no need to panic. The changes to the way Google indexes and ranks will be gradual. Still, they are rolling out so you’ll need to be aware of what the requirements are going to be.

  • Don’t disable content just because you’re trying to put together a mobile friendly website. Keep in mind no matter how small a smartphone screen is, they are big enough to read a blog .
  • Taking a good look at your metadata is a great way to engage with search engines and users. Make sure things like titles and descriptions match up on both mobile and desktop versions.
  • Remember that site speed matters even more on mobile devices. That’s why you need to optimize it. People using mobile devices are always on the go. They won’t wait for a slow website to load before they make a purchase.

Remember, Google is making mobile users a top priority but that doesn’t mean it will rank using mobile only. However, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the future now. It won’t be much longer before mobile optimization will be a big indicator for rankings.

Our Markham mobile first indexing services can help you prepare for tomorrow today. A responsive web design is one of the solutions.