Often people will ask “Do I really need a professional website and email? Why?”

Think about this:

When you’re interested in a particular service, what’s the first thing you do? Do you dust off your phonebook and look in the yellow pages? Probably not. More than likely, the first thing you do is Google it.

Two things can significantly impact someone’s decision to give a company their business.

  1. If they don’t have a website, I can’t get to know them and I won’t want to buy from them if I don’t have a preliminary trust. I can’t even check when they are open, where they are located or how to contact them.
  2. The quality of the site. Think about some of the worst website you’ve visited. There is an immediate judgment that if your website doesn’t look professional, your company isn’t successful.

A small business with a great website can seem much more established than they really are. This can increase your likelihood of securing or attracting new clients. If they believe you are successful, they will believe in your product or service.

The same thing goes for your email. If you have your own domain name, use it for your email. There’s nothing professional about @hotmail.com, @gmail.com, etc.