A keyword can be a single word or group of words that people enter in the search engines to describe what they are looking for. As an example, if I was looking for website design, I might enter “web site design” in the search engine. Those would be my keywords. But notice that I spelled website as two words, this is to highlight that two people may be spelling a keyword differently, but still searching for the same answer.

xod Media specializes in keyword research. We take these keywords and run three things against them:

  1. How many times people search for the word or phrase? Also known as the supply.
  2. How many pages are serving those keywords? Known as the demand.
  3. What are the hot topics of today? An example would be weight loss, while it’s always a big topic, but the different types of weight loss. Think of the Atkins diet, hot one day, gone the next.

Once we’re run these three things against your keyword list. We rank them from hottest to weakest. If the keyword ranks high, then you’ll want to create a web page around that topic.